Next Lock Screen 3.1.1 (45313) APK Free

Next Lock Screen 3.1.1 APK free


Next Lock Screen restricts access to unauthorized people to your smartphones, and it uses custom unlock methods like PIN or pattern code. It gives you notifications to view such as missed calls, text message and message notifications from social media sites or apps like Gmail, Facebook or WhatsApp.



It includes built-in app launcher that launches favorite apps and contains music player as well that can control songs and playlists, with support for other excellent music apps like Spotify or Pandora, etc.

Users can check the local weather using automatic updates.

Next Lock Screen 3.1.1 APK free

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The complete collection of tools has also been added to this android program like Flashlight, Camera, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

What’s new Next Lock Screen 3.1.1 (45313) APK

App Name: Next Lock Screen
Current Version: 3.1.1
Category: Productivity
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
License: Free
Android Version: 4.1 and up